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Pakistan Girl Guides Association is the largest voluntary Movement for girls and young women in Pakistan. The Association is protected and incorporated by Ordinance No. XLIV of 1960 by Government of Pakistan.

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Our Mission

To provide opportunities for the development of girls and young women, so that they become confident, patriotic and law abiding citizens, capable of performing their duties in the home as well as community and the country

Our Vision

We are a National Movement of empowered girls and young women working as the agents of change to build a better world.

Educational Programs

Pakistan Girl Guides Association offers a dynamic educational program to girls and young women addressing development stages of a girl through interactive non-formal methods. Guiding gives girls, the opportunity to learn self-reliance. It empowers them to be resourceful, responsible and to think for themselves.


Pakistan Girl Guides Association promotes the training, learning, and development of adult members to fulfil their roles and achieve the Mission of PGGA. The training enables adult members to gain the necessary knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to ensure the delivery of high quality educational program.


Junior Guides 6 to 11 years

Motto: “Lend a Hand”

A wide variety of fun oriented activities are offered to make the Junior Guides more alert, observant and interested in everything around them. They learn to take decisions, care about others and respect nature.


Girl Guides 11 to 16 Years

Motto: “Be prepared”

Girl Guides participate in various activities focusing on knowledge & skills development that help them to become self-reliant and self-disciplined. They share their knowledge and experience with their peers and families.  


Senior Guides 16 to 21 Years

Motto: “Render Service” 

Senior Guides through their program enhance their leadership skills and develop a sense of responsibility in their educational institutions as well as wider communities as they are the “agents of change”.


Adult Volunteers

95% of PGGA members are volunteers, who steer the Association by developing strategies & policies. It also includes Guiders and Leaders who deliver the educational program


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Take Action

Bring a change for better

We are a Girl Led Movement. We strive for providing the best opportunities to develop into responsible citizens and leaders in their groups and community.

Camping An Integral Part of Guiding

Outdoor activities, especially camping, are often the highlight of Guiding for many girls. Camping can greatly enhance girls program by taking advantage of opportunities for outdoor adventures. They can explore and discover the wonders of nature


Junior Guide Revel 2024

Junior Guide Revel 2024

Pakistan Girl Guides Association NHQ organized a Junior Guide Revel with the theme “Land of Butterflies” from 30th April to…
Resilience Celebrations- President visited the Camp

Resilience Celebrations- President visited the Camp

The resilience celebration was held on 25th October 2023. It is an honor for the Pakistan Girl Guides Association that…
Closing Ceremony of 12th All Pakistan Camp

Closing Ceremony of 12th All Pakistan Camp

Pakistan Girl Guides Association National Headquarters organized the 12th All Pakistan Camp for Girl Guides in Islamabad from 22nd to…