Appeal for the Relief of Flood Victims

Pakistan Girl Guides Association is a voluntary not-for-profit organization. With a membership of 130,000 girls and young women, it is the largest voluntary organization in the country with branches in every province and AJK. The management consists wholly of volunteers. PGGA has always come forward in times of national emergency and served the nation. Its focus is on women and children. During the 2005 earthquake, we worked for more than a year and provided relief items such as food, warm clothing, and bedding to more than 2000 families and helped rehabilitate more than 600 families by providing construction material and goats. We also provided services in centers and camps as well as trauma management sessions. During the Swat operation, we helped the displaced families cope with the change through providing summer clothing and offering the opportunity for learning skills, literacy, and hygiene management.

We have a network of members who identify the need and through a community-led approach to distribution, our help is impactful and maintains dignity. All our efforts are voluntary so 100% of the donations go directly to supplies.

All relief work news will be shared on our Facebook page.

We appeal to you to come forward and contribute generously for our brethren devastated by the recent floods. Your donations will be used judiciously.

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Account Title: Pakistan Girl Guides Association

Bank Name: Habib Bank Limited

Branch: Industrial Area, I-9 Islamabad

Account number: 0296-00235229-03

IBAN: PK84HABB0002960023522903