PGGA Awards

Awards do not only acknowledge success; they recognize many other qualities: ability, struggle, effort and, above all, excellence. It is important to give an award to show that a person’s achievement is appreciated and commended. PGGA confers several awards annually to Guides and members:

Awards For Junior Guides

Jugnoo Badge

Lady Hidayatallah Shield

Lady Hidayatallah shield is annually awarded to the best Junior Guide Company for one year work on “Lend a Hand” Project. The conditions to earn the shield are:

Awards For Girl Guides

Commendation Certificate

Fatima Jinnah Guide Badge

Note: Her work after receiving the commendation certificate will be considered for the Miss Fatima Jinnah badge.

Jinnah Guide Badge

President Medal

Should have participated in the school sports and any one of the activities listed below, spread over a period of one year.

  • Qirat/ Naat Khawni
  • Debates
  • Writing of short stories, poetry or any other form of literature
  • Handicrafts, Painting, etc.
Note: Testimonial of good conduct and behavior from the Head of the Educational Institution, class teacher and Guider. Recommendation should be fully supported with relevant document/testimonials

Begum G.A. Khan Shield

Begum G.A. Khan Shield is annually awarded to the best Girl Guide Company for the work on any Social Service Project carried out during the current year. The conditions to earn the shield are as under:

  • The company should choose a project in which an individual or a group of people can be benefited and the whole company should work under the supervision of Guider.
  • Before starting the work on project the District Commissioner should be informed at the beginning of the year so that the provincial headquarters should be intimated accordingly.
  • Company should raise funds for the project.
  • Account of expenditure with receipts and vouchers and details of the project work along with photographs should be properly maintained.
  • District Commissioner should assess the Project Work at least 4 times during the year.
  • Company Record Books of the current year including company and Patrol Leaders note books, minutes of patrol Council Meetings, attendance book, log book, Program book, Accounts, Progress book and original program cards of the Girl Guides should be enclosed with the nomination form.

Lady Abdul Qadir Shield

Lady Abdul Qadir Shield is awarded to the best Girl Guide Company for quality of Guiding. The conditions to earn the shield are as under:

  • Regular Company Meetings and Leaders Council Meetings should be held During last 2 years:
    • 3 star activities to be completed by at least 10 Guides.
    • 2 stars to activities be completed by at least 10 Guides.
    • At least 10 Guides should have completed 4 proficiency badges each from 4 different groups
  • At least 4 Guides should have earned Khidmat Badge.
  • At least 6 Guides of the Company should have attended a 7-Days Canvas Camp/ Residential Camp or Service Camp.
  • Company should have participated in one of the Social service projects for at least one year or should have rendered service during national emergency.
  • Record of the company along with photographs should be properly maintained. Two years company record e.g record books, minutes of company and Patrol Leaders Council Meeting, log book, Program book, Accounts and Progress book of the Guides should be enclosed with the nomination form.
Awards For Senior Guides

Shama Badge

Commendation Certificate

Begum Masood Sadiq Shield

Begum Masood Sadiq is annually awarded to Senior Guide Company for Social Work project. The conditions to earn the shield are as under:

  • Senior Guide Company having maximum 36 members for 1-year of work done on a Social Service Project.
  • Should be a Social Welfare project focusing on social issues, science or education e.g. population welfare, poverty alleviation, women empowerment, promotion of Guiding, cultural heritage, rural development, health & hygiene, environment and drug abuse prevention etc.
  • The objective of the project may be achieved through audio visual aids, service camps, and collection of funds, volunteer work in hospitals or through practical research work.
  • The company should submit the request along with the outlines of the project during the first quarter of the year. The special committee at district level to monitor the progress of the project confidential.
Awards For Guiders
Awards For Adults