Medical & Flood Relief Camp in District Rajanpur

Pakistan Girl Guides Association NHQ organized Medical and Flood Relief Camps in Rajanpur, Punjab. On 2nd October 2022.

The Medical Camps were organized at Basti Hammal Khan, Basti Jovankh, Basti Ishaq Punjabi, and Basti Jeevina of Mauza Safdar Abaad, UC Bangla Hidayat, Rojhan District Rajanpur. 630 patients were examined and provided with the medicine.

7 doctors & Paramedic Staff (1 dr. from Islamabad and 6 from Rabbani Hospital Lahore) facilitated. Trainers and Guides from Dera Ghazi Khan assisted during the camp. Guides also conducted activities with the children to teach them basic aspects of hygiene via play-based learning.

Food and other relief items were provided to 110 Families. The Relief Items included: Flour, Rice, Sugar, Tea, Pulses, Ghee, Spices, Biscuits, Milk, Dates, Roasted Chickpeas, Rusks, 6 sets of Clothes, 6 pairs of shoes, Mosquito nets, utensils, blankets, mattresses, baby kits, etc.