In order to build capacity of patrol leaders, Young Leaders, Guiders, Senior Guide Leaders, Trainers and commissioners PGGA organizes workshops on different topics after regular intervals. These workshops are conducted at the national, provincial, districts and local level.  To equip them with specialized skills the workshops are conducted on following topics:

  • Emergency preparedness
  • Leadership skills
  • Camp craft skills
  • Proficiency badges
  • Outdoor activities
  • Material development
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Senior Guide Leaders Training.jpgEmergancy Preparedness Training.jpgTheater training workshop.JPGWorkshop on Emergency preparedness.JPGFirst Aid Training.jpgTraining of Trainers1.JPGSenior Guide Leaders Training for AJK.jpgNational Training of Trainers.JPGWorkshop on Emergancy Preparedness3.JPGWorkshop on Emergancy Preparedness2.JPGNational Training of Senior Guide Leaders.JPGWorkshop on Emergency Preparedness1.JPGTraining of Trainers.jpgSenior Guide Leaders Training for AJK1.jpg