Early Childhood Care and Development

Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) is a project of Pakistan Girl Guides Association for increasing enrollment of girls in schools and reducing the rate of dropouts. The educational activities are carried out through a child friendly learning center being established by Pakistan Girl Guides Association in a rural/semi urban locality where the educational institutions of Government department do exist but the enrollment/retention rate is very low. Through service camps and other ways of analyzing the situation the Girl Guides Association decides to select a specific site and appoints a child friendly teacher to carry out interactive activities and games on cleanliness, basic numeracy and writing skills, importance of punctuality, manners and gradually prepare them to enter into the regular school system after completing one year in the ECCD.

ECCD at village Mohra Nangyal


In 1982 Pakistan Girl Guides association organized a senior Guide Service Camp at village Mohra Nangyal. At that time there was primary school for girls in the village but the enrollment rate was very low. The senior guides conducted a survey to understand the cause and identified following issues:

  1. Strict attitude of the teachers
  2. Inability of illiterate mothers to help small children in their early classes
  3. Charging fine to the students not reaching in time or having proper uniform

Pakistan Girl Guides Association decided to run an ECCCD to address the above issues. The children of ECCD center are directly picked by the local school in class one every year. The project is a success story of PGGA as the said primary school in Mohra Nangyal is now a higher secondary school for girls with full enrollment and no drop out cases.

Other ECCDs running in Chapters of PGGA are as under: 

1. ECCD in Jigyot, ICT Chapter

2. ECCD in Chak Shehzad

3. ECCD in Darkala Village, Nilore

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