WAGGGS’ Toolkits

Surf Smart
Knowing how to stay safe online is an essential skill for young people today. Get the most out of the internet by surfing smart!

Learning to Thrive 
Youth Learning in Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting, learn more on WAGGGS’ approach to youth learning.

Prepared to Learn, Prepared to Lead
Prepared to Learn, Prepared to Lead looks at the fundamentals of the Girl Guiding experience; its purpose and educational method. It offers a chance to reflect on how we apply this method to facilitate youth learning, to ensure the Girl Guide experience is as fun, varied and relevant as possible, and truly puts young people in the lead.

World Thinking Day Activity Pack 2017
World Thinking Day activity pack 2017: In 2017, World Thinking Day is all about growth. We believe that every girl should have the chance to grow, learn and reach her potential.

International Day of Girl Toolkit
Toolkit to help celebrate and spread the word about International Day of the Girl 2017.

Succession planning

This toolkit provides information, ideas and tools for creating a tailor-made succession planning strategy to keep your organization vibrant and relevant to girls and young women; able to move with the times and respond to change and growth in organizational life.

International Year of Youth – Activities kit 
A guide to celebrating the International Year of Youth, produced by the UN Programme on Youth in cooperation with WAGGGS and WOSM.

YUNGA Challenge Badges
Developed in collaboration with United Nations agencies, civil society and other organizations, YUNGA Challenge Badges aim to raise awareness, educate and motivate you to change your behavior and become an active agent of change in your local community.  Challenge Badge activities are both educational – and fun! We want you to enjoy learning about how to make our world a more sustainable, fairer place!

The resources are focused on: Biodiversity, Climate Change, Ending Hunger, Forests, The Ocean, Soils and Water.

How to run our own event on Ending Violence 
Learn more about how to plan and run your own event on ending violence against girls.

Voices Against Violence Leaders Handbook
The education pillar of the Stop the Violence – speak out for girls’ rights campaign is centered around the Voices against Violence curriculum. Developed in partnership with UN Women, the Voices against Violence curriculum is a non-formal co-educational initiative that empowers girls and young women to challenge the root causes of violence against girls and young women and have the skills and confidence to recognize and claim their rights.

How to Fund-raise Successfully
Fundraising is the concern and responsibility of every Association. No association can function effectively without adequate funds. Sound finances are a key factor for a dynamic Association. Availability of funds increases members’ ability to manage their associations by meeting their strategic priorities and to participate effectively in their community.