Publications of Pakistan Girl Guides Association

Pakistan Girl Guides Association has its own publications for Junior Guides, Girl Guides, Senior Guides, Guiders/ Leaders, Trainers and Commissioners. Detail of the Publications is as under:

For Junior Guidesjunior-guide-handbook-cover

Junior Guide Handbook

Proficiency Badges for Junior Guides
Junior Guide Uniform Pamphlet
Junior Guide Games
GAT Book for Junior Guides


girl-guide-hand-book-coverFor Girl Guides

Guide Handbook
Proficiency Badges for Girl Guides
Girl Guides Games
Guide Uniform Pamphlet
GAT Book for Girl Guides



For Senior Guides

Senior Guide Hand Book (Urdu)  Senior Guide Hand Book (English)
GAT Book for Senior Guides





Gadget Book
Girl Guide Camp
Star Gazing
Day Camp Pamphlet
Work Camp
Hike & Cook out
Knots for everyone (Booklet)
Tent Pitching (Booklet)
Lashing (Booklet)

For trainers/ Guiders/senior Guide Leaders

Trainer’s Manual
Senior Guide Leader Hand Book
Guider’s Handbook
Shield Awards Pamphlet

For commissioners

Commissioner’s Manual
Constitution of PGGA