Junior Guides

Junior Guides
Girls in this age group are enthusiastic; they love things about life and enjoy learning new things. They like to be active and busy and are willing to help.junior guide badge
Age Group
Age group of Junior Guides is 6 to 11 years.
• Promise  
“I promise to do my best to obey Allah Taala and to love Pakistan, to help other people every day especially those at home, and obey the Junior Guide Law.”

جونئیر گائیڈ کا وعدہ

میں وعدہ کرتی ہوں کہ میں پوری کوشش کروں گی کہ

اللہ تعالیٰ کے احکام پر پابند رہوں اور پاکستان سے محبت کروں ۔

 روزانہ دوسروں کی مدد کروں خاص کر اپنے گھر والوں کی ۔

جونئیر گائیڈ کے قوانین پر عمل کروں ۔

• Law
1. A Junior Guide respects her elders.
2. A Junior Guide thinks of others before herself.
3. A Junior Guide attempts to do a good turn every day.

جونئیر گائیڈ کے قوانین

جونئیر گائیڈ بڑوں کا کہا مانتی ہے۔

جونئیر گائیڈ دوسروں کو خود پر ترجیح دیتی ہے۔

جونئیر گائیڈ ہر روز ایک اچھا کام کرتی ہے۔

• Motto
“Lend a hand”

جونئیر گائیڈ کا مقولہ

ہاتھ بٹانا


Blue sash with white shalwar qameez, white belt, Junior Guide Badge and Black shoes
• Program
Junior Guide Program includes;
Enrollment program, One Star, Two Star and Three Star Challenges and a wide variety of program based on their interest and hobbies in the form of 33 proficiency badges from 8 different topics. They also participate in outdoor activities and camping on small scale.
It provides opportunities:

  • To practice social interaction with in a small group called patrol
  • To encourage choosing and decision making
  • To learn by doing
  • To experience a wide range of activities
  • To learn to care about others and respect natureIMG_20130926_122650

• Badges
Enrollment badge, Challenge badges, Proficiency badges, Service badge
• Awards
Jugnoo Award
Lady Hidayatallah shield is awarded annually to a best Junior Guide company of Pakistan for doing a small project based on their motto “Lend a Hand”.