Literacy Resource Center


Literacy Resource Centre was established in Lahore in 1994 with the collaboration of Asia Pacific Cultural Centre (ACCU) Japan.


The role of Literacy Resource Centre is to strengthen PGGA and other NGOs / GOs in their efforts for the promotion of literacy and Non-Formal Education for girls and women throughout the country.

Objectives of LRC:

  • To collect, document and distribute information on literacy activities of NGOs / GOs.
  • Locate community based organizations (CBOs) which are engaged in literacy and NFE activities and help them by providing training and information.
  • Provide training to literacy personnel of NGOs on curriculum development, monitoring of literacy programme, training techniques and developing learning materials
  • Networking with Local, National and International Agencies in the field of Literacy and also with other LRCs in the Asia Pacific Region.


  • Early Childhood Education (ECE) for Girls & Boys (4 to 5 years) in rural areas to encourages parents to enroll their children in nearby Primary School.
  • Non Formal Primary Education (NFPE) for Girls and Boys (5 to 10 years) and to provide opportunities of education to school dropouts and out of school children.
  • Education for Working Children (EWC) (7 to 15 years) to enable children to learn as they work.
  • Adult and Continuing Education for Girls & Women (15 to 40 years) to provide opportunities to adolescent girls and women for basic literacy, and improvement in quality of life through functional contents of Health Education, Environment and income generating skills.


  • Training of trainers in management, training techniques, community participation approaches and Girl Guide  programme
  • Training of leaders in Girl Guide Management, Community Development, Guide Issues, Girl Child Awareness, Leadership, and Outdoor Skills
  • Conduct activities for girls for attaining proficiency in prescribed guide programme based on intelligence, character building, health, home craft, hand craft, human relationship, outdoors and service to others
  • Training in entrepreneurship development programme for Girls and Learners
  • Training in literacy work
  • Awareness campaign on girl child issues, peace, environment, drug abuse and children’s rights



  • Primary Health Education for Learners.
  • Legal Literacy for Learners.
  • Entrepreneurship Development for Learners
  • Convention / Conferences on Literacy for PGGA & NGOs.
  • Awareness Campaign on literacy.
  • Advocacy and Lobbying