Pakistan Girl Guides Association Baluchistan organized several Inter-Company Meetings to enhance the leadership qualities and Guides’ ability to plan and execute the activities.

Girl Guides of Government Girls high school Hudda carried out the activities in the Government Girls High School Killi Sheikhan. They carried out several Program activities with Guides and non-Guides. Guide games and songs were also part of the activities.

Guides of Lady Sandeman High School carried out activities with the Guides and non- Guides of Mission School on 12th May, 2016. Activities on Women rights, recycling of waste material, effects of smoking and safe consumption of water were part of the program. 30 Guides participated.

Guides of Chashma khuddo School planned and carried out different activities with the Girls of Jinnah Town School on 12th May, 2016. 30 Guides participated. Advocacy campaign regarding side effects of smoking was the main focus of the activities.